MyHealthScan - Whole Body MRI Scanning

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What Is a HealthScan?

A HealthScan is a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of your whole body. This can detect many diseases, including those affecting the brain, liver, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, large blood vessels, bones and lymph glands. We hope that your scan will be clear, but if not any diseases detected by this method are more likely to be at an early stage and easier to treat.

Why Should I Get a HealthScan?

When you see your GP or specialist doctor with concerns about your health he or she will probably ask you some questions and perform a clinical examination. They may perform some blood tests. This will pick up serious problems but many people are left with concerns and would like the reassurance of a total body MRI scan. MyHealthScan use the latest completely safe magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning technology to provide detailed pictures of your whole body. You may have concerns about your health that you would like to address or just want the reassurance that a normal examination will bring. There are no known harmful side effects of MRI scanning and you will not be exposed to any radiation. The examination is usually completely painless and there are no painful needles or injections required.

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An example of the kind of detailed images of the body MRI scanning can produce